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Status: This store is now closed

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Our Peri Peri chicken is: Never frozen, always fresh. Marinated overnight in our special Peri Peri sauce to soak up all the great flavours. Cooked over our flame grill for a healthier, low fat option How do you like it? We can make it HOT or with Lemon & Herb. You can have it as a butterfly boneless breast, half a chicken or a burger in a bun or wrap with lettuce & mayo Flame grilled - a healthier option: When we flame grill our Peri Peri chicken it reduces the fat content making it a "lower fat" takeaway meal, but still retaining the great taste

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Meals include fries, 1 side & can of soft drink


Meals include fries, 1 side & can of soft drink


Meal includes fries, 1 side & can of soft drink

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