Mary's Pizza & Pasta - Harlow

The Heart & Club, Pypers Hatch • Italian 🇮🇹, Pasta 🍝, Pizza 🍕, Takeaway and Food Delivery, Vegetarian Choices 🌱

Opening hours: 15:00 - 21:30

Wait time: 20 - 40 min

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Deliveries from 15:00


Margherita Pizza

Cheese & Tomato

Extra Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni, pepperoni & more pepperoni

Vegetarian Pizza

Mushroom, sweetcorn, green peppers, red onions, tomatoes

Vegetarian Hot Pizza

Fresh tomatoes, fresh chilli, fresh garlic, mushroom red onion & jalapenos

Hawaiian Pizza

Loaded with slices of tender ham & fresh pineapple

Italian Hot Pizza

Loaded with slices of spicy pepperoni & fresh chillies

New Yorker Pizza

Strips of chicken, ham, Philly cheese sauce with cooling bruschetta mix

Pepperoni Special Pizza

Double Pepperoni, Red onion & mushroom

Nice & Spicy Pizza

Red onion, Pepperoni, Jalapeño & Beef

BBQ Meatball Pizza

Slices of our classic meatballs, roasted peppers & red onions

Meatball Siciliana Pizza

Meatballs, pepperoni, beef bolognese

Chicken Americano Pizza

Strips of chicken, spicy pepperoni, fresh chillies & red onions

Meat Feast Pizza

Indiana Feast Pizza

Tandoori chicken, Tikka chicken, green chilli & green pepper

Spicy Chicken Pizza

Jalapeno, red onion, chicken & peppers

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Chicken, Red Onion, Peppers & Sweetcorn

Eastern Chicken Pizza

Chinese chicken, Sweetcorn & Red onion

Essex Grinder Pizza

Fully loaded with pepperoni, chicken, red onion, sweetcorn, red peppers & BBQ sauce

Mary's Special Pizza

Beef meatballs, pepperoni, ham, chicken, peppers, red onion & Mushroom with a BBQ base

Essex Club Pizza

Heat Wave Pizza

Jalapenos, green chilli, fresh tomato, olives & onions

Marinara Pizza

Prawn, tuna, red onion, olives & anchovies

Create Your Own Pizza

Margherita Pizza with 5 additional toppings


Extra toppings available



Side Orders


Kids Meals

All kids meals comes with Capri Sun drink

Meal Deals

Any 2 Pizza Meal Deal

Any 3 Pizza Meal Deal

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