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Indian, Popular, Takeaway

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A complete meal, very rich & aromatic but mild, consisting of special rice, lightly spiced with almonds, sultanas, pistachio, coconuta & rose water, dressed with salad & served with vegetable curry.

Vegetable Side Dishes


Indian Breads



Ice Cream

Memsaab Finest Gourmet Currys

Gourmet Currys are specially prepared with fresh garlic, ginger roasted spices infused with cardamom, cinnamon, fenugreek and curry leaves using traditional methods slow pot cooking for hours creating a unique and distinctive flavour faithful to each individual dish.


Option of salad and mint sauce

BBQ Tandoori Dishes

All Tandoori Dishes are charcoal grilled in a clay oven known as the Tandoori. These dishes are served dry with an option of fresh salad and mint sauce.

Balti Specialities

Balti food is cooked in a wok and freshly prepared and healthy because the rapid stir fry process retains the goodness of the food. Served with Pilau rice or Naan bread.

Massala Specialties

Grilled and cooked in mild creamy sauce.

Exclusive Mild Dishes

Slightly Sweet, Mild and Creamy

Exotic Fusion