About Us

Finally, a food ordering & delivery platform that protects & promotes local trade, empowering local & independent businesses to compete on a level playing field with major chains, and in doing so protecting the vibrancy of our high streets.

'What can I get you?'

Born in 2016 with the posting of a simple question on Facebook by friends, Owen and Lee, 'What can I get you?' From this, GoGetters has now evolved into a premium food ordering & delivery platform dedicated to promoting local, independent business in thriving communities outside of UK's major cities, now extending to cover towns across Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

We're different, but in a good way…

Whilst there are many delivery providers in the UK - they typically share a city-centric, volume-led strategy built upon key strategic partnerships with major restaurant chains and stores

This leaves 67% of the population and the UK’s thriving independent restaurant and store sector without a delivery partner who places the emphasis on quality and variety rather than volume

We don't support major chains on our platform, instead we choose to give quality independent businesses the profile and reach they deserve.


We ensure that our restaurant partners retain control over the key elements of their delivery activity, whether it's controlling the order volumes via our platform to match kitchen capacity or setting the order collection time.


We know that extra delivery volume can bring with it additional operational and service demands. That's why we step in to manage and resolve customer queries, often via our unique live chat feature.


It's critically important for many independent businesses to maintain full control over their costs, that's why we will never issue a refund or a credit without clearing it with our restaurant partner first.

Core Values

Our core values and how we execute against them will set us apart from the competition and prove central to our success:

  • Be the Maitre D', not the doorman – we’ll never misuse our market position to restrict access, manipulate demand, or unreasonably favour any one partner

  • Grow the right way – we build natural momentum grounded in sound core values and commercial principals

  • Be human - algorithms deliver efficiency but people build relationships

  • Insight, empathy and an insatiable desire to please – our non-negotiables in cultivating a deeper, more meaningful relationship with partners and consumers

  • Embrace variety and diversity – partners, colleagues and customers - commoditisation and homogenisation have no place in our world

  • Give back to the communities we serve.

If you'd like to know more feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

Team GoGetters