Proove Pizza - Hertford

3 Parliament Square • Alcohol 🍸, Gluten Free, Italian 🇮🇹, Pizza 🍕, Takeaway and Food Delivery, Vegan Choices Ⓥ

Real Neapolitan pizza, featuring the finest toppings and 'leopardo cornicione' (the crust with little black spots)

Opening hours: 12:15 - 20:40

Wait time: 15 - 30 min

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Deliveries from 17:45

Small Plates

Inspired by the streets of Naples, our small plates are perfect as a side to a pizza, or try ordering a few small plates and a couple of pizzas for your table.


Made with only the best Italian 00-grade Caputo flour then slow-proved for 20 hours, our dough is hand-stretched, topped with the finest ingredients, and cooked to perfection.

Vegan Pizza



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