Smoke BBQ Kitchen - Bishops Stortford

17-19 Hockerill Street • BBQ , Burgers, Ribs

Authentic kiln dried smoked and barbecued food served right to your door.

We slow cook our meats in an original wood smoker for up to 12 hours, while mopping for moisture. Look out for the pink smoke ring - the mark of true low & slow smoking.

Our authentic BBQ Grill (Parijatha) uses only 100% natural and sustainable.

Status: This store is now closed



Smashed Burger & Buns

All Burgers are served with fries Our smashed “pressed & seared” burgers are Double Stacked and smoked with a blend of prime chuck steak & brisket.



Sticky Fingers (Kids)

2 sticky finger sides & a choice Menu of main included